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Yiyi English review

$15 - $25


Yiyi English reviewYiyi English don’t have too many reviews but first off it appears they do employ non-native speakers.

One of the rarer Chinese companies where their criteria isn’t a degree or someone with teaching experience, plus you don’t necessarily need to be of white heritage – triple whammy!

Pay is apparently $15 -$20 although Mr Chonghoon Lim (Sean Lim) is the man in charge of payment and should an issue arise and he’s not available, expect occasional delay – there are a couple of reports of salaries going awry.

Mr Chonghoon Lim is also the recruiter so worth running by this issue if you meet.

The Yiyi’s job listing website is slightly baffling. It lists a number of positions for people based in various cities around the globe to teach online – in fact all positions appear to be the same with the same rate set at “upto $25 per hr” – see here and here – they are identical.

Both positions are the same – no experience is deemed necessary, a 6 to 12 month commitment is required and again up to $25/hr is promised.

However yiyienglish.org is where you need to apply if you fit the following criteria  – as Yiyi state:

NO experience required – as long as you have a high-speed internet connection & a headset, and you are good to go.
We provide all the training, so you can get started in just 3 days.
Get started today!
You have: Commitment. We ask our teachers make a 6 month or 1 year commitment to ensure continuity for our students. Responsibility. Our students look forward to their lessons and we depend on teachers to show up consistently for lessons, or let us know ahead of time if they are going to leave.
Good communication skills.
An interest in teaching or working with children.

Additional site: http://yiyienglish.com/ (in Chinese – the Google Translate extension helps)


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3 thoughts on “Yiyi English review”

  1. You will receive only fractions of your payment (as in half or even third of it), the staff is completely unorganized and the company will outright ignore your questions and requests for the rest of your payment.

  2. The company is cool so far since I have worked with them, i got paid, don’t know about others. Maybe they mess up the schedule or no show, that is listed in the training materials, will cause salary deduction.


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