Wisdom Hugo English review

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Wisdom Hugo English review

Wisdom Hugo English review

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Wisdom Hugo English review

Describing themselves as an innovative and dynamic Internet online education company, Hugo English comes with mixed reviews.

Their aim as stated is to provide high quality “American” online English teaching for kids using a technique branded: “early classroom, home experience”.

“Wisdom Hugo English” is their actual marketing identity, and they’ve partnered up with a few big names to promote their CCTV Star of Hope competition. It’s not particularly clear what this is using Google translate: something on the lines of discovering the best talents across thousands of students with the help of their “high quality teaching team”.

If you would like to be a part of this English teaching platform, here are a couple of tidbits of feedback from those who were/are part of Wisdom Hugo English (spelling amended to a degree).

One positive: “I am one the teacher who works in Hugo with 1 year. I really enjoy working in Hugo school. I get many booked students now. Their pay rate is good which not like the person who posted. actually, basically their pay rate is from $14-$20 per hour, so per lesson is from $7-$10 with 25 minuters. Mr.Ni Hao is totally wrong.” Not the tidiest of writers but perhaps this backs up their point that they pay non-native speakers $10 plus or that they do indeed hire them, contradicting their site “Globally selected senior Anglo-American foreign teachers with pure pronunciation are used to create online English-only classrooms”. Often Filipino teachers speak with an American twang, so maybe a possibility, given potential wage improvement.

One negative: “Had a horrible experience with ‘Hugo Education’… Paid me 2 weeks later than promised to add insult to injury. Firstly they promised to pay $14.00 per hour, which ended up being $7.00 per hour as students linger for 30 minutes per session…This they will not tell you. The company should not be allowed to function, don’t know how much longer they will last. Total waste of time, backward, draconian organization. They meet your professionalism with backyard, poorly handled calamity- When you complain ”We are busy in a meeting, we will call you tomorrow”…”.

Seems like 30 min classes are their more preferred method of assigning teachers classes.


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Official Weibo: @智慧雨果英语(Sina Weibo)

Additional email: service@hugoenglish.com


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