Whales English (Formerly Sprout4Future) review

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Whales English (Formerly Sprout4Future) review

Whales English (Formerly Sprout4Future) review

$18 - $30


Whales English reviewWhales English appear to be on a aggressive recruiting campaign right now. Formerly Sprout4Future, North American, UK, Australian/Kiwi and Irish natives are sought although there may be room for compromise if you are South African or another less recognized native English speaker.

Teachers have the option to teach either English, Science, History, Literature or Writing. If you are hired the parents go on to choose the teachers for their kids.

Whales English potentially pay one of the highest rates ($30 plus), especially if you jump through all the extra curricula training hoops and tick the required boxes but starting off on $18 to $22 is still competitive.

They use Zoom as their video platform which can be a bit clunky when you’re sharing your screen with a student – a powerful processor will come in handy. You are also scored on your Zoom skills which doesn’t sit well with tutors.

It’s been noted by a few who’ve applied that those conducting interviews are from Eastern European decent. Should you not be from a native English speaking country but speak with a neutral or even better – a tinge of an American accent, might be worth applying.

They do employ people of different skin tone.


– A not to be sneezed at hourly salary
– Pleasant kids
– Flexible times


– Not enough classes
– Zoom is bunglesome
– Grammatically incorrect course material
– A cultural/business intransigence – cliquey company

Additional email: sprout4future@rouchi.com


Sprout English, Chinese name is Rou Chi English (once www.rouchi.com) redirects to jingyupeiyou.com

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Please note: TwoSigmas are in charge of recruiting for Whales English

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