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Waijiaoyi review

Waijiaoyi review

$18 - $20


Waijiaoyi reviewOn Glassdoor it suggests that Waijiaoyi provide both virtual and physical teaching classes. Should you fancy relocating to the far east, perks include free diner, food allowances, accommodation close to the office and supportive colleagues which hopefully transcends into the virtual world.

Positives at Waijiaoyi first and foremost comprise of:

a) Their hiring of non-native English speaking people

b) No degree appears to be acceptable with a look to a TEFL/TESOL/ CELTA certification as an alternative – they state:

certificates teachers hold are taken into consideration. Nevertheless, we pay particular attention to the teacher’s accent, their teaching experience, educational background, their performance on demos and their overall personality.

Highlights working at Waijiaoyi are its competitive salary plus benefits and potential career development.

Additionally, there is in fact quite a detailed and mildly perplexing pay structure:

a) If the teacher’s performance is more than satisfactory after a month of observation, payment is fixed whether class is booked or not. You still get paid for staying online during your assigned hours.

b) Their 1 KPI Overall Performance – Once a teacher gets an 80% score, they’re entitled to KPI incentive which is 5% of their monthly salary. Then there’s the Basic Rate Increment, where once a teacher reaches 500 teaching hours, their hourly rate will increase by $1.

Job responsibilities entail delivering online lessons to students of particular level, evaluating and grading class work and participation and providing effective feedback to guiding students to success. There is also some red tape surrounding attendance, discipline and administrative meetings.

But beware, as one writer wrote: “It really does not matter how fluent you are or what a great teacher you are, they will not hire you if you are brown skinned, just like all Chinese companies”, and more poignantly … “Why Chinese people are so racist, what connection does my skin tone have with my English proficiency or teaching skill ?”.

While evoking an air of authenticity albeit a somewhat cosmetic one on the face of the company’s website, the answer to that presumably lies in the dollar bills a white-skinned native teacher attracts.

To be fair, negative pay and discriminatory behavior are prevalent throughout comments listed on GAL in 2018 and then there’s a somewhat targeted u-turn in positive ones to help stem the bleeding.

Worth applying given the quoted rate and in contrast to their apparent flexibility on education and nativeness, such positives listed should it seems be anticipated with a pinch of salt.

You are paid on the 10th of the month via Paypal.


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