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Vivaling review

Vivaling review

$16 - $38


Vivaling reviewWith a large global online teaching presence, Vivaling are always on the lookout for English, Mandarin, German, Spanish and French teachers or “coaches” as they prefer.

Pay has the potential to be life altering but on arrival don’t expect it to be too much more than half of the full $38, plus rumors online suggest you have to pay for additional teacher training to reach this figure, which seems counter-productive and one of a kind.

The most salivating part is that Vivaling hire non-natives and non-degree holders but two years experience is required plus a TEFL or another teaching certificate in the language you have to offer.

Most reviews state $20 is the highest hourly rate and you shouldn’t expect to push the ceiling higher. Almost all classes are one on one, with quite a bit of additional paperwork, emailing, team meetings and keeping the parents up to speed but with that comes their “vivas” system – if the parents are happy more hours will follow.

Their management team get good rep and while you have to prep, they offer plenty of online materials with flexible daytime hours for teachers in the western hemisphere – Yipee!

The application process is laid out in detail here – 2 to 4 weeks training fyi.

To be fair, Vivaling contain some of the most glowing reviews – some truly great feedback out there: Amazing kids, “beautiful energy exchange” as one reviewer put it with time still for your own life, great support system in the Vivaling community and the freedom of teaching a fun class – not bound by mundane material.


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