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VIPkid review


VIPkid review

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VIPkid reviewVIPkid picks up a lot of attention, which is mainly due in part to their handsome hourly rate and the amount of hours available, but also their offer of a decent referral commission if applicants can navigate their way through the “grueling” application requirements.

They are also one of the industries main players providing work to more than 80’000 native North American degree holding speakers – although, it may be worth giving them a try if you are from another native English speaking country as it appears through commentators that they may be branching out into more neutral accents.

Feedback is generally positive with teachers posting reviews of their long standing history with VIPKid, but also with the incentive to help guide you through the hiring process with a wink and a nudge for you to go through their affiliate link – one can’t complain.

VIPKid’s aim it is said is to have 100’000 teachers on their payroll by the end of 2019. That’s some cash cow.

Peak teaching hours are early weekday mornings and weekend evenings for US/Canadian teachers.

It’s unclear of the specific teaching style required; initially, feedback suggested a consistent bubbly character who applied the use of props and toys was more their kettle of fish. However, latest 2019 reports suggest this method seems have been revised and tamed down somewhat.

There was also one report of being taxed in the 40% mark if you breached a certain figure each month – this needs clarifying as the problem with VIPkid if you are an American, is that due to them being listed on the NY Stock Exchange, they would have to report everything to the US government – understandably, but they will insist on hiring you as an independent contractor where you will have to complete a W9 form.

This means you’ll pay 40% of your income in taxes over a certain monthly earning. So even though the pay is great, your net pay may be no better than most – definitely worth examining if you’re from the US. Canadians and others may have less of a headache.





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