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Tutor ABC review

Tutor ABC review

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Tutor abc review

Tutor ABC don’t have the best rep to be fair: extra reports for zero pay; dodgy software; unwarranted account suspensions; bandwidth stress; scripted message responses – a personal hate; no accountability so always at fault; the use of Teamviewer which reviewers claim provides round-the-clock control of you computer’s camera – concerning; a loss of connection can hit earnings; 6% tax on under $1000 yet 18% on $1001; and … “weekly generic big stick bashing emails about performance”.

There is more, so damning admittedly but if your stars rack up then Tutor ABC reflect that in your pay, although standard rate is $8.50. They do pay by Paypal which is a plus.

Regarding their kids program, new US and Canadian recruits are being offered $8 for 25 min or $16 for 45 with some $1 bonuses thrown in for unblemished performances etc.

It’s not all horrific however, there are still a few mildly positive reviews scattered as one employee reflects on stomaching the rough with the smooth:

“I am surprised you said you barely get scheduled, I have between 8-10 classes a day, is your rating low? I schedule 8 classes every day, usually in peak hours and most of the time I am fully booked. Even like this payment is low, not to mention with all the rules they came up with lately. Also the 5 minutes break between the 25 min session, I miss a lot of classes and 6 absences in 6 months your contract will be terminated. It is slavery work. I bust my ass to keep my rating high, at least 10 classes a day to get around $500 per month.”

Then there’s the salutary middle finger:

“TutorABC based in Taiwan -if that is the same crowd you were with – is SHOCKING!! Anybody reading this STAY AWAY, you do not need that kind of ***p in your life. They are uncommunicative, rude and don’t care about their teachers. Their base rate is set for life -depending on your country from $4 , no incentives etc. Even when I finished another degree they weren’t interested. If you have a doctorate and live in the USA – according to them, the highest cost of living WHAT A JOKE – you will earn $8.9”.

Good luck.

Note: Employees suggest that non-native speakers are welcome but may be paid a lower rate. Also, teacher applications over at Tutor ABC redirect you to iTutor Group.


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  1. Their rating system sucks students rate poorly if their computer doesn’t work or iPad and brings score down. Their software is a dinosaur software. Horrible system it sucks. And yes pay is 8.5 per class taught.


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