Topica Asia / Topica Edtech / Topica Native review

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Topica Asia / Topica Edtech / Topica Native review

Topica Asia / Topica Edtech / Topica Native review

$8.50 - $16


Topica Asia reviewSlightly baffling as Glassdoor just lists EdTech while Google search for EdTech brings up Topica Asia but on GAL (goodairlanguage) only Topica Native appears. An educated guess suggest both Native and EdTech fall under Topica Asia and that they are all Vietnamese based. Clarification was sought on 17/09/19 but no reply as yet.

Note: One year at contract at Topica Asia is mandatory / Confusing whether 45 min slot is $8.50 or you are subbed 25%.

Reviews suggest they hire like breeding rabbits but don’t expect too many hours initially – perhaps 5 a week. Good times to apply in Vietnam are when schools go back in September and again after TET in February depending on the exact dates of their Lunar New Year.

Not much gets done over their three month summer break for the younger kids except summer camp, although IELTS tutors are always in demand. Students are generally in university education or professionals from across parts of South East Asia.

Interview process for tutors is potentially exhausting: introduction, technology check, vocational interview round, training, salary deal.

Don’t expect linguistic manners to be jolly civilized and respectful when speaking with staff – anecdotal comments suggest: tutting, inability to focus on the tutor during a face-to-face call while they might be snipping toenails; blame attributed to your technical problems not vice versa and general one-on-one skills – not always up to scratch.

On the positive side zero prep is required as most materials are supplied by Topica. Good evaluation system on teachers behalf leads to fair feedback and promotion. Pay is punctual albeit at the lower end in the grand scheme of online English teaching platforms.

They don’t seem to sticklers for degrees or native speakers.


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