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Topic Time review

Topic Time review

$12 - $15


Topic Time reviewBack in 2017, Scarlett, who runs this one man band Topic Time, wrote of her business on GAL that they specialize in her (Scarlett) Method – where teachers retype a conversation they’ve had with their student and meticulously go back through correcting mistakes on grammar, pronunciation, lexical coverage, intonation, smoothing stilted speech etc.

You’ll teach solely Japanese kids as her business creation is in part a way to rekindle the affection she felt while living there.

All classes are conducted on Skype where the student picks their tutor from time slots allocated by the tutor not the company – you make your own schedule.

Teachers are advised that they should send in an introductory video as this is your resume! No more than a minute is required where you should address the viewer as if they were a non-native English speaker.

A degree isn’t necessary but some college time is, plus perhaps it’s just North Americans who can apply as a social security number is mandatory. This would seem a shame as her website looks like it’s been put together delicately, (bar some bizarrely written articles) and with the touch of an individual who cares it appears a special place to work. Restricting the teacher pool to just one nationality will deprive her of other talents, but for now this is the set up.

However, where there’s a will there’s a way, so a non-US citizen – a UK individual for example does have the means of obtaining a US social security number – see here, prior to travel so might be worth exploring and just sending in a vid for the hell of it. You could be a good fit.

Pay isn’t negotiable, as pupils are already being charged a lower rate than most schools charge she adds. Pay isn’t shabby at $12 to $15 for a 55 minute class. Topic Time pays weekly through Paypal – Ka ching!

A patient, friendly, punctual and polite temperament is required. If you have a mild proficiency in Japanese language and culture, this will help.

Skype: topic-time

Contact form: here


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