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Talk915 Tutor review


Talk915 Tutor review

$7 - $7


Aside from the admin getting rave reviews, the pay is very light at Talk915 Tutor: $4 for 25 min or $7 for 50 min.

With such a challenging wage to survive on come with it fewer restrictions – no degree in this case, but you are required to have a TESL/TEFL/TESOL certificate plus be of native English speaking origin.

Working hours are from 10am to 6pm Chinese time Monday to Friday so that’s 4pm to midnight or plus one when the clocks go forward UK time. They don’t offer weekend work.

Interviews are conducted over Skype and should you pass there is some initial training and you then begin work.

Good for Caucasian non-degree holders but the pay is shocking given the alternatives available to this demographic.

Try the “No degree – Native speaker” category more competitive rates, you may also apply to the “No-degree – Non-native speaker” roles as well.

Skype: Talk915-UK

Edit: Pay may have increased (new minimum UK national wage close to 10gbp/hr may be more precise = pls check with them or kindly advise below).



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