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Spoken English Practice review

Spoken English Practice review

$10 - $15


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The company Spoken English Practice is solely geared to improving a students ability to speak and listen with confidence. In fact if you look through their website they boldly claim that armed with just some basic grammar and 200 words from your prior English education , they’ll get you speaking fluently within just 3 months.

Teachers from the US and UK are welcome, for other native teachers it’s unclear. Topics on the agenda include politics, culture, TED talks, technology, culture, baking, science and cats!. Classes are one on one.

Salary is a mystery but their website does suggest longevity and a passion to support both teachers and pupils. They state most teachers work 15 to 25 hours a week without having to adjust their nocturnal hours to accommodate students in Beijing say, as they provide you students from multiple time-zones.

Their criteria indicate a penchant for the intellectual curious, genuine interest in different folk, natural listener who instinctively allows the student to feel comfortable rambling on and obviously a stickler for punctuality.

Students are charged a flat fee of $20 for 30 mins which seems above the going rate so you’d hope that’s reflected somewhat in the teachers’ salary – which is not listed on Spoken English Practice.

They only hire native speakers – (maybe they’ve expanded beyond the UK and US since writing – worth exploring), and  life experience is put before educational merit, so $10 to $15 an hour feels an appropriate guesstimate. Kindly correct in the comments if inaccurate.

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