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QuQuABC review

$17 - $23


QuQuABC reviewTeachers who talk naturally at an idiomatic level are what QuQuABC require so while no degree is sought, someone well versed in using idioms in everyday sentences is key.

Do you cut the mustard, are you up to the task, can you pass muster!

Pay on Glassdoor suggests not as high as $23 hr but $14 which if non-native teachers with a neutral accent can earn this should be music to the ears of many nationals from developing countries. That said, finding a Chinese company that hires and pays native and non-native teachers the same or at least a closely matched hourly rate can be as rare as hen’s teeth.

Based in Hong Kong, for a company that advocates to be one of China’s most famous online English teaching companies, there’s barley a handful of reviews across the main online teaching review sites with just one complaint referring to their app being clunky at times.

Perhaps their allusiveness is in part due to previously being named Fun ABC, as that’s what appears in their sites favicon, plus their app is called Fun ABC which is listed on China’s version of Google Play Store – – (available across all devices for download on their site). The only existence of Fun ABC as an app on Google Play Store is one that teaches Romanian.

Landing a job at QuQuABC shouldn’t take more than 4 days. Send in your application form and await call for an interview. Give a demo class over Skype followed up by secondary interview during same session and you’re done.


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