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QTALK review


QTALK review

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QTALK reviewQTALK is an interesting set-up whereby the teacher adopts more of a facilitator’s role, where 90% of the student’s time is engaged with speaking using the QTALK visual cues.

Note: Applications with Teaching Demo Videos will be reviewed first.

To be honest QTALK’s novel approach to learning sentence structures – and for one who has grappled much of the last decade in South East Asia trying to formulate where for simplistic sentences, the subject + verb + object are positioned in the affirmative, positive and negative –  for the sake of accomplishing new language skills,  looks like it could have clear benefits.

Food for thought before embarking upon a new language.

From a teachers perspective, you are required to help assist the students and to participate in the development and creation of pedagogical tools to use in the classroom.

It looks like a fascinating new concept at tackling the task of learning a second or additional language. You can learn more here from the horses mouth on their Facebook page.

QTALK Publishing LLC began its life as is an education company in New York but has now established a base in Beijing to challenge existing methods of language learning and to help meet the insatiable demand to adopt English as an additional mother-tongue.

From the very first class, the QTALK method is based on a series of colored icons placed grammatically and interpreted as fully complex sentences.

Currently also working in schools throughout the US to help teach kids Chinese, French, Spanish and more, QTALK has become one of the newest sought after language learning methods who often give TED talks, seminars for teachers and hold conferences in the US.

Being a native speaker is a plus but not a requirement so state their site. A degree is a must.

As a career choice, QTALK is expanding rapidly and offers you the opportunity to advance your profession as a teacher training professional and manager.

QTALK as far as can be discerned provide both physical positions in China and online teaching roles.


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Email: additionally you can try janet@qtalk.com for job inquiries.


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