Palfish review

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Palfish review

$10 - $18


Palfish allows you to download the app at either the Google play or Apple Store or you can scan the QR code below to install on your device.

Another teach-as-you-go style app, is relatively easy to hook up with students but things have changed since 2018. Then it is understood you used to get paid 200 ¥ if if you sold a package to a trial student. Later that was reduced to 100 ¥ and now it stands at 0 yuan in exchange for 40 points!

You do get compensated for reaching level 1 – 55 ¥, but structure of being allocated hours seems somewhat skewed. In the past teachers were dropped from Palfish for not selling packages. This practice now appears to have been removed.

Note: When completing the Palfish teacher application through the app, ensure you make zero mistake + when they record your audio, be crisp, clear and calm with your sentences. Based in China, native speakers take precedence – Uk, USA or Canada, South Africans have reported discrimination when it comes to taking one of their official kids courses. This is how they will judge you.


  • Very easy to use
  • Pay is actually pretty good for online
  • Make your own hours
  • Platform is easy to use
  • Good courseware
  • Great support, mentors and admins are outstanding


  • Over-saturated during early pandemic
  • Beijing hours only
  • Pay scale/incentives keep changing
  • Strict absence policy
  • Not sympathetic to tough situations
  • Classrooms have audio problems
  • Difficulty transferring money to Payoneer
  • Palfish should provide translation in other languages on their device





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