Pagoda Talkool/Job Pagoda review


Pagoda Talkool/Job Pagoda review

$9 - $14


Job Pagoda Pagoda Talkool reviewPagoda Talkool doesn’t appear to be operational although one comment was spotted in December 2018 on that suggested they’re still alive and pay $14 hr or $15 if you never pull a sicky, whereas on another contributor state they start at $9.

Onsite a degree is required but for online teaching positions this isn’t clear, so they may or may not require a degree or native speakers, so Filipino/non-native speakers or non-degree holders may also be welcome. (Note: in vid below a South African lady appears, so listed as friendly to South African English tutors).

Make of Pagoda Talkool what you will. Google translate has difficulty. On first impressions it looks potentially like an app. Try their FAQ for clarity.

Alternatively there is Job Pagoda – which is an online teaching platform based in Korea, but so are you physically as their final process in their application states: “all new teachers must attend a training/orientation session either in Gangnam or at their local branch”.

Their jobs board however has been quiet since 2017.

If you fancy relocating here are some testimonials from people who have upped sticks and now reside there:

Whether you can teach from home is unclear; maybe someone from Pagoda can kindly shed some light in the comments below.

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