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Outschool review

Outschool review Zoom class with teacher idea
Outschool review: Outschool run classes through Zoom with multiple students or one-to-one.

Outschool compensate you per head, so 5 students at $12+/hr equals $60+/hr. More parents from around the world are paying teachers (who’re from/reside in US/CA/AU/NZ/UK) over lockdown to teach their kids at home & currently the demand is very high. There is one slight caveat though, the company takes 30% from each initial student sign up.

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However, using Zoom offers great potential. Multiple kids will clock-in  allowing teachers to expand their classes significantly while feeding the demand for specialty subjects. You will teach children aged 3 to 18, adults classes are not allowed at this time.

Subjects requested may range from “Stock Market for Beginners” age 11, “Colours and numbers in Welsh” for age 4, “Hairstyles for girls” age 8, to “Ranking the Disney World Restaurants by Park” age 11, or more seriously “Techniques for dealing with anxiety” age 11. Topics range wildly.

(See below for latest lesson themes requested from kids/parents).

Example of your Stats area

Outschool monthly summary review
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15-20% seems less painful, however the upshot is it’s a new online language school, not just restricted to English or languages and has received some good rapport over lockdown. The UK’s Sun tabloid newspaper being one, which is written from a parents perspective, praising her childs learning experience with Outschool. (Note – Positive recommendations will earn the referrer $20 a pop when parents sign-up).

For both academic and social stimulation, Outschool is argued to tick both boxes.

Based in the US, teachers are predominantly American but if you reside in either Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom but do not have citizenship, you can still work with Outschool. Therefore Filipino’s or South Africans for example residing in these countries are welcome.

Payment is made 7 to 8 days later after your classes start date via Paypal.

Whatever skill you may have, you are free to join up and start teaching once you’ve completed their sign-up process, with help for this if you need on their Facebook group.

Degree or no degree, Chemistry classes using Harry Potter potions are great innovative ideas from teachers which help propel them to reel in more pupils.

Philosophical questions derived from Raised by Wolves to the fantastic wardrobe fashions in Watchmen, might help you gain more students as you have fifteen or so thousand classes to contribute to and from which to get noticed, although English classes make up a smaller percentage.

So there’s much variety to choose from for students and in turn this provides a vast base for teachers to pass on their passionate knowledge.

On the flip side, this does create opportunism for those less qualified to offer niche classes, such as teaching kids with autism without the required skills. Outschool do request you provide a true account of your educational merits but it seems background checking is not so stringent.

From a teachers perspective, Outschool state:

“Teach online and earn an average of $50 USD per hour taught”

With 3 students per class at $15 per head, this is almost achievable although again you will need to get creative so as to stand out – which may be harder or easier depending on your acquired skill.

Outschool’s benefits:

– Handsome rates
– Teach online from home with flexible hours
– Design your own curriculum & teach how you like
– Student motivation is high as they seek you
– No paperwork, reports or homework to complete unless assigned

NOTE – There appear to be a shortage of teachers available in the morning UK time as their vast swathe of employees reside in the US which pushes lessons later into the day and night.

To help hoover up some of this demand it’s worth making yourself available for morning GMT.

Outschool have featured across the US media – Forbes, CBS, Today, Wall St Journal and others and unlike many of the unregulated language schools out there, they appear to be more dependable, with a platform designed to help teachers promote, organize and deliver their online class.

Here are some examples of the latest class requests by parents (19/10/20):

“Thai Language for Beginners” for age 6.
“Kinemaster video editor” for age 10.
“Debate Skills Course for Teens.” for age 16.
“Gnomes, Trolls and Fairies: Nordic Folklore and tales” for age 8.
“Spanish Immersion Classes (Variety of topics) Taught in Spanish.” for age 5.
“Rubik’s cube: discover the secrets” for age 7.
“Colours and numbers in Welsh” for age 4.
“Japanese Mythology in Anime and popular culture” for age 9.
“Fortnight Editing for YouTube” for age 13.
“Pre K Curriculum for Dysgraphia students” for age 4.
“Hairstyles for girls” for age 8.
“Book Discussion of Stamped” for age 13.
“Baking cakes ongoing” for age 11.
“Anger Management Techniques” for age 14.
“Stock Market for Beginners” for age 11.
“How to Make a Roblox Game” for age 10.
“Class about the country of Iceland” for age 5.
“Fibonacci Sequence in Art and Nature” for age 6.
“How to Write a Newspaper” for age 7.
“General Drawing” for age 8.
“French Language Classes” for age 7.
“The Business of Horse Breeding ” for age 14.
“Sports Photography and/or Sports Video Editing” for age 13.
“Equestrian Facility Start up and Management” for age 14.
“Kathak Dance Class” for age 7.
“Atoms and Subatomic particles” for age 8.
“My Hero Academia Cosplay Class” for age 7. Offer class game)” for age 13.
“Middle School Human Anatomy” for age 12.
“Video Game Development using Unity” for age 13.
“Building a Website for Beginners” for age 9.
“Mr. Putter and Tabby Book Club” for age 6.
“Basics of Bowling using Math and Physics ” for age 10
“Movie Making with Scratch” for age 9.
“Day of the Dead taught by Latinx” for age 9.
“Learning All About Skunks!” for age 3.
“Anime drawing Class” for age 12.
“Drawing Class using a Graphic Tablet” for age 11.
“Intermediate gymnastics” for age 5.
“8th Grade Advanced Math” for age 13.
“Native American History, the real Thanksgiving story, Tribal life” for age 10.
“Ranking the Disney World Restaurants by Park” for age 11.
“Fortnight Writing class” for age 11.
“Zoology Overview/General” for age 16.
“Advanced/how to make feature filmmaking” for age 10.
“Literary analysis (essays) for middle school students” for age 12.
“Violin lessons for my daughter” for age 10.
“Techniques for dealing with anxiety” for age 11.
“Singing Lessons” for age 6.
“Class covering Planets, Nature and Gravity” for age 11.
“How to Build an RC Airplane” for age 13.
“Video Editing using iPhone or iPad” for age 12.
“Book Club: The Zodiac Legacy Trilogy by Stan Lee” for age 12.
“How to run a Student Council Election” for age 10.
“Leadership Skills for Children” for age 7.
“US Geography (States location & Capitals)” for age 13.
“Pac Man related Classes” for age 4.
“Classes on Punctuality ” for age 4.
“Origami for Pre Teens” for age 11.
“How to Cook Asian dim sum (egg custard)” for age 10.
“4th Grade Science” for age 9.
“Cake Decorating Class” for age 11.
“PreK Math Skills: (Patterns, Sorting , Sequences and Geometry)” for age 4.
“Swedish Language lessons for beginners” for age 10.
“Conversation skills for Introverts” for age 17.
“Advanced Zoology” for age 16.
“Embroidery for Beginners” for age 10.
“Poker for Intermediate Players” for age 12.
“Santa Story Class featuring a Black Santa” for age 4.
“Coding and Programming” for age 9.
“Front End Estimation” for age 9.
“How to Hypixel Skyblock” for age 10. O
“How to Become a Seller on Amazon” for age 18.
“Roblox Royale High Halloween Ball!” for age 5.
“Intermediate Violin Lessons” for age 14.
“How to Build A Computer from Scratch” for age 9.
“The History of Bolzano” for age 11.
“Spanish Level 2 Tutoring” for age 14.
“Ukulele Private Lessons” for age 12.
“Public Speaking Class” for age 12.
“Science Experiments with Slime” for age 9.
“Test Prep for FSA (Florida Standards Assessment)” for age 9.
“A Fan Fiction Writing Class” for age 13.
“Automotive Engineering/Mechanics” for age 8.
“A Class about all things Kenya (People, Culture, Geography, or Language)” for age 9.
“Reading and Language Arts Private Tutoring” for age 11.
“World Word II themed Art Class” for age 13.
“Big City Greens Social Club” for age 7.
“Romanian History” for age 5.
“Chinese Language Class” for age 5.
“Early American History for 5th graders” for age 11.
“Egyptology Class” for age 6.
“French Language for Beginners” for age 8.
“Common Core Math for 6th graders” for age 11.
“Hindi Language for Beginners” for age 8.
“Tagalog Language Class” for age 5.
“Class about Diesel Engines and Trains” for age 7.
“Class about Legends of Zelda” for age 14.

10 Most Popular Outschool Search Results (last 30 days)

(As of 19/10/20 – food for thought for creating lessons to serve the demand).

1. hindi
2. prealgebra
3. tiktok
4. laney
5. saxophone
6. bollywood
7. dogman
8. beyblade
9. ssat
10. megan hardy

Some examples of the new English classes currently listed (24/10/20) – 649 new classes

  • Aru Shah and the End of Time (A Pandava Novel Book 1) Book Club by Ms. Karen (Certified K-4 Teacher).
  • English Basics – What Makes a Story: Reading and Writing Stories by Madi Hopkins.
  • First Grade Reading, Spelling, and Writing: Session 2 by Candice Bowes.
  • If You Give A Pig A Pancake… Sequencing With a Treat by Tesla Gray.
  • Let’s Blend! Blending and Segmenting Sounds, Phonics Practice for New Readers. by Carolyn Burbage.
  • Spells and Punctuation! Commas Before Conjunctions by Suzi Sentance, BA (Hons), MA, PGCE.
  • Spooktacular Writing: A Halloween-Themed Creative Writing Experience by Grace Ward.

Outschool Pro’s:

Potential for great hourly rates

No degree needed + non-discriminatory (non-citz from UK/AU/US/NZ/US may apply)

Attractive & creative online listing designs for your classes

Access to their teachers Facebook Group community

Secure online payments – Paypal

Integrated video chat platform & messaging through Zoom

Fast responsive support via web chat, email or over the phone

You can teach whatever: yoga, Kathak dance, football, gymnastics, cake decorating, public speaking, wordpress, polemics (debating skills for teens),  ..

Outschool Con’s:

30% take from initial student you sign-up

Bosses get mediocre rep

Sudden contract termination reports

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  1. Think about all the experience you have with kids, how you help kids, any volunteering you have done, after-school programs etc. You will certainly want to include any other online English teaching you have done, but try not to limit yourself to that! Teaching your own kids is definitely great experience you should include. Be specific with age groups, subjects, times, what the kids achieved and their reactions to your teaching. This is not the place to be self-effacing, you have to sell yourself and your experience.


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