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NIL English review

NIL English review

$7.50 - $17


NIL English reviewNIL English are a smallish company employing perhaps no more than 50 teachers. They don’t feature on glassdoor or, the two employment beasts on the net, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find that they don’t pay a great rate: $7.50 to $8.25.

They pay $1.50 per 10 min block for which at best you can normally squeeze in 5 blocks as there’s a 10 min schedule break for catching up on paperwork for which you are reimbursed $0.75, hence $8.25.

Rumor has it after 3 or 6 months you may get a 50% increase on the existing hourly rate and then a year in, it may again go up, so the potential to earn $12 to $17 per hour further down the line is there.

The company is said to be pretty laid back, no real politics, and if you keep your head down there is a possibility to fill up your weekly schedule quite quickly.

Classes are conducted through Skype, Zoom or over the phone with initial preference given to American nationals/American accents – however alternative native English accents may now be sought after – worth emailing to confirm.

Associate degrees are allowed with TEFL/CELTA/TESOL given higher preference but not mandatory. Ages of students range from 5 upwards – no ceiling.


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