Magic Ears review

Magic Ears review

$18 - $26


Magic Ears reviewMagic Ears used to offer positions to non-degree holders – it appears those days are over.

Reviews are mixed. Often candid reviews are followed by clearly overly moist ones due to referral rewards offered to teachers. This can get a little much, but filtering out the wheat from the chaff, expect flexibility, debatable pay checks and unusually friendly support staff.

At present, Magic Ears have become quite a key player and they deserve a little more attention. First, they hold 100 plus reviews on Glassdoor which helps shed a little more light on their operation – of which showmanship may trump teacher authenticity and quality.

For example employees who spend alot of time on Magic Ears Facebook page indulging in self-promotion and company adulation tend to get the most work.

Then there’s their promotion scheme. Teachers who surpass around 100 lessons may well be promoted to “Senior Teacher”, which is where the money lies. Obviously this is great news for those putting in the hard yards, but it isn’t always a fair fight. Misanthropic students, narky misdemeanor infractions and a low booking rate (due to the reason outlined) all take their toll.

Some employees report not too many hours and a strict hiring process, with challenges to managing all their students with their current in-house rules. Not really worth a visit in some folks books and difficult to attain the 25$ an hour off the hop. They perhaps want to keep pay low until they are up and running more.

Just North American teachers for now – some kind soul kindly advise if this has changed.


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