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Magic Ears review

Magic Ears review

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Magic Ears reviewMagic Ears review

Magic Ears are hiring again. They used to offer positions to non-degree holders – this is still partly the case as being in active pursuit of one will suffice – and they are on another hiring spree as of now (18/05/21), and if you fit the following criteria, you could land a job with them sharpish.


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Magic Ears latest call to action:

Magic Ears is one of the best online ESL schools! Why?
All lessons are prepared for you
Multiple students and fun, fast-paced lessons that make time fly
The company guarantees your bookings
Last-minute substitute classes available
Generous pay even for those without lots of experience
No minimum hourly requirements
4 Free Cancellations each month
You only have to bring a few fun props and big smiles to class and lead the kids through the lesson!”

Magic Ears teacher requirements:

– You are currently in the process of seeking a degree or have one already.
– Must have a 120-hour ESL certification although Magic Ears University can also provide this training should you not have one already.
– Must be a native English speaker from North America, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or South Africa.
– Some teaching experience will help but not mandatory.


Reviews are mixed with Magic Ears. Often candid reviews are followed by clearly overly favourable ones due to referral incentives offered to teachers. This can get a little much, but filtering out the wheat from the chaff, expect flexibility, debatable pay checks and unusually friendly support staff.

At present, Magic Ears have become quite a key player and they deserve a little more attention. First, they hold 100 plus reviews on Glassdoor which helps shed more light on their operation – of which showmanship may trump teacher authenticity and quality.

For example employees who spend a lot of time on Magic Ears Facebook page indulging in self-promotion and company adulation tend to get the most work.

Then there’s their promotion scheme. Teachers who surpass 100 lessons may well be promoted to “Senior Teacher”, which is where reviews suggest the money lies.

Obviously this is great news for those putting in the hard yards, but it isn’t always a fair fight. Misanthropic students, narky misdemeanour infractions and a low booking rate (due to the reason outlined) all took their toll in 2019-2020.

Some employees reported not too many hours and a strict hiring process, with challenges to managing all their students with their current in-house rules.

Magic Ears 2021

This appears to have changed given their latest update where the company now guarantee your classes and all lessons are now prepared for you.

Additionally you get 4 free cancellations a month without incurring any penalty and they are now offering last minute substitute classes due to the rise in demand given global condition.

The hourly rate is also fairly handsome.


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