Liulishuo (Lingome) review

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Liulishuo (Lingome) review

Liulishuo (Lingome) review

$8 - $18


Liulishuo reviewEnglish Liulishuo is the flagship mobile app of the Artificial Intelligence Chinese company LAIX, that “creates and delivers services to popularize English learning”.

Providing a variety of courses with a broad range of topics and cultural themes, audio classes are conducted in an interactive learning environment to motivate and engage the learner.

Solely an audio only English teaching platform, they hire both native plus non-native speakers, lessons are short at 25 minutes and you are allowed to create your own schedule, you get six hours notice before class to prep.

You may end up with a heavy daily schedule or hours might be scarce – contrasting reviews.

Lessons are easy to teach, payment is punctual and it seems an ok company to earn extra some dollar on the side.

There is a hefty fee though if you don’t give notice prior to missing a class – $150. They clarify on Glassdoor by adding: “The $150 penalty is only applied in the case of instructor no-show without prior communication, not to canceled classes communicated in advance.”


– Boyout rules ensure you still get paid over vacancies
– Good material
– Punctual pay
– Potentially heavy workload


– Low pay ? (Unclear of actual rate)
– Hours reduced while recruitment intensified – teachers undervalued
– Inconsistent hours
– Lack of transparency re the lesson booking system
– Caring staff but overstretched


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