Likeshuo Adu review

Likeshuo Adu review

$16 - $26


Likeshuo reviewTo be kind, reviews aren’t that cozy at Likeshuo, but if you don’t mind bad communication and not getting paid on time which is a difficult one to swallow, then for non-degree holders this may be one place you can earn a more attractive rate.

Schedules are open, students are polite and the pay is half decent but you will most likely have trouble filling up your slots whilst dealing with a manipulative management.

One reviewer wrote that 115RMB is the max from the start – $16, which confirms what it says on the tin and they want you to teach peak hours Shenzen time, which is preferable to some.

You will need to build your student/credit base as opposed to being given slots and there are in fact two sides to the company – kids and adult. You are not it seems allowed to teach both, which seems odd. Worth checking that one.

Likeshuo is affiliated with Meten and while they ask teachers to commit to a 20 hour week, this schedule may not come to fruition. The rate of $16 to $26 is for only a 45 minute class one reviewer interjected, and somewhat less – $10 to $18 for adult one on ones.

It’s stated they deploy the “Common Core” method. This is used in the US, a strict teaching criteria which can create an uncomfortable work environment for the tutor.

It’s unclear if they employ people of color or not and while a degree, TEFL and experience are “preferred”, they don’t quote as mandatory.

Update: there are 4 types of teaching roles on offer at Likeshuo – General, Junior, Overseas, Professional. Each ideally require specific skills but not written in stone.

There are 3 steps to joining: register, give demo, commence job training.

It’s said also that they may be related to Liulishuo or Lingome. Yet to clarify.


– Good wage
– Interesting WeChat Group
– Nice students


– Late pay!
– Unscrupulous staff
– Dearth of hours
– Lack of accountability


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