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Learnlight review

Learnlight review

$8.80 - $12


Learnlight reviewA Spanish company from Barcelona, Learnlight (formerly ISUS) pay in Euro’s, with starting rate set at 8 Euro’s, almost $8.8 plus they aren’t so strict on whether it’s a 25 or 30 min slot, you’ll be remunerated the same.

Mostly business English is taught but they do teach an additional 15 languages and their staff get some warm feedback. Classes pay a few more euro’s than one-on-ones and with the dollar now down against the euro, it’s not a bad rate given the positive reviews that have featured and that a degree isn’t required.

You choose your hours and they accommodate the students to fit your schedule. Two years experience helps along with one of the teaching certificates. If you are non-native looking to teach English but in fact come from the Ukraine for example, worth dropping them a message as they do provide classes (as mentioned) in other languages.

Your mother-tongue may come in handy  – Mandarin, Russian, Japanese, Portugueese, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese all welcome.

One commenter wrote that non-native speakers are hired but are paid disproportionately to native teachers at €2 for individual classes of 25 mins – which is better than Bibo and NativeLand admittedly, however visiting their website they do not corroborate hourly rate but on Glassdoor $11 is quoted.

Teaching hours can begin at 6am and run up until 1am – GMT. You’ll be working with professionals so do look the part. A minimum of 10 hrs a week should be allotted.


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