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Le Waijiao review

Le Waijiao review

$13 - $23


Le Waijiao reviewFirst off, Le Waijiao do not provide a flexibility that allows you to log in and out as of when you have a class. They require you to commit to at least 3 days a week, working from 6pm until 10pm Beijing time from Tuesday through to Sunday.

One perk though is you that they will pay you your allocated hours if the student goes awol – although this may be a reduction of $5/hr. Pay ranges from $13 to $23 with a degree plus a certificate is preferred.

In earlier reviews just Canadian, US and UK tutors were sought, but now mention of Le Waijiao hiring non-native English speaking teachers has surfaced.

Reviews are varied, there is some disdain voiced over their training management plus some disparity over hourly salary. Perhaps you are just paid $10 for the class not $15 as most classes are just 40 minutes. This is questioned by another commentor who adds that “you will make $20 an hour when really, you make $20 per teaching hour. A teaching hour is 40 minutes”. So in this situation instead of 100 classes (perceived hours) this works out to 66.6 hrs, so fewer coin.

Class prep wasn’t required until recently, but now the National Geographic material courses that they were once based on, have been replaced with individually crafted lessons created by yours yourself.

Getting a full schedule (as is often a thorn in the side of these companies) is another issue at Le Waijiao. Apparently they employ 800+ teachers but many of which are sat biding their time waiting for classes to drop in. (Note: This may have changed since these aggrievements were voiced in 2018).

A final slur are the constant threats of economic sanctions and administrative actions inflicted upon employees.

You’ll need to sign a one year contract before committing here but that can offer stability. Pay is guaranteed on the 7th of each month with a generous bonus scheme built in for those teachers whose students re-enroll the following semester.

You may have to wear a purple T-shirt and set up and funky backdrop slash virtual classroom behind you on Skype. Age 40 is the cut-off point apparently. This could suit non-native speakers very well should the same rate apply across the board.

Note: Their website doesn’t behave well using Google Chrome Translate extension.


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