iTutor Group review

iTutor Group review

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iTutor Group reviewiTutor group claim to be the global leader in online education with tens of thousands of teacher’s on their books, and with this presence come a surplus of online reviews.

One main theme or complaint which stands out is the actual starting rate. As advertised through their ads it states $16 to $18 but upon employment it appears to be just $8 to $10 and much lower if you aren’t based in either UK, USA or CA or if you aren’t from a native speaking country, so you are discriminated on two fronts: your IP location and your nationality. Just $2 for a 45 min class if you are from or living in Mexico – scandalous.

There are additional grievances such as being treated like rats, not having a proper payroll, being shafted upon payment, lack of teacher support and more.

There are also the occasional glowing reports thrown in with – you guessed it, peoples referral codes – so, go figure.

There are more than a handful of reputable Chinese online teaching platforms out there should you wish to avoid a potential headache, although that said Filipino teachers may find a more favorable rate here than from one of there own companies. Food for thought perhaps.

One of the latest reviewers however added if you are based in Johannesburg, they are recruiting for ABC at $7.50 base rate, where you can earn approximately up to $18 per 45 min. For the sake of clarity from the horses mouth, better off applying here with your nationality and pic attached.



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