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Global Mate New York review

Global Mate New York review

$7.50 - $9


Golden Mate New York reviewGlobal Mate New York employ Americans (with occasional exception) to teach South Korean kids. They’ve been in operation since 2010 but their longevity doesn’t really match there online presence in this field, which is quite scarce in terms of feedback. This might have something to do with them offering such a low wage to college degree holders. $1.50 for a ten minute slot is a bit scandalous.

Training is required to teach students aged 19 to 50. One reviewer who’d lived in the US for a decade was hired due to their native-like accent without issues. This could therefore be an option for Filipino’s who often carry an American twang, where the salary is an improvement on Bibo, Native Land and other exploitative companies running their shops in China and Japan. It’s lower than the US minimum wage but more handsome than the Philippines.

On the positive side hours are flexible albeit South Korean time-zone and the kids get good rapport. While a degree is preferred, those closing in on their final year of a B.A. or B.S can apply.

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