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First Future Edu review

First Future Edu review

$12 - $16


First Future act as a recruitment agency that partners 1200 schools, and if reviews are to be believed they offer $12/hr to non-native speakers. Native speakers supposedly earn a slightly higher rate so there is still a discriminatory pay gap but compared to the $2.5 Bigo and Native Camp pay then it’s some improvement.

Getting the hours may prove tricky, although some say if they assign you a fixed hours schedule then your class booking rate and payment will be guaranteed. Generally teachers working there suggest it may take a couple of months to get a good student base.

You will get training from their staff for a special project or a bespoke high-end course, and help among their community is spoken of fondly.

They operate under two websites, with loading better where you can submit your info and supposedly be in employment within 48hrs by contacting them here.


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