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Fast School review


Fast School review

$30 - $40


Fastschool reviewFastSchool first and foremost supposedly offer native teachers with a degree – $40 per hour.

That’s an incredible hourly wage for this profession, however from those that have applied and worked at Fast School,  it appears you may need a musical ability, along with some other requirements:

– Super energetic, almost clown-like
– Can you play an instrument?
– Are you prepared to buy a new PC that has an i7 processor and 8gb of RAM?

Using WeChat is their preferred way of you communicating with their tech side of the company and unfortunately cross communication with fellow teachers on the same platform is a no-no – most likely intended as a means to stop discussions about pay and hours.

And so while the hourly rate is very high, hours allocated may be scarce, just a couple perhaps over the weekend.

There are weekday lessons available but perhaps just 30 minute classes so $15 for each and while also having to be 20 mins early for class plus time spent with the tech team – you see where this is leading.

Fast School pay generously and at this lavish rate though you will need to tick the higher education boxes and native Americans are given first dibs but occasional feedback suggest they do hire other native speakers.

They’re after teachers who can play the odd musical instrument and hold a tune. Don’t expect many hours, perhaps just a couple over the weekend and pretty scant mon to fri.

You will need a WeChat account where you’ll converse with admin but it’s a strict no-no to hook up with other co-workers – perhaps discussing salary is prohibited as hourly rates may be quite different or assigned hours unequally distributed.

It is possible to get weekday work though where lessons are likely to be 30 minutes not an hour (you’ll need to be online 20 mins early) but that’s still $15 a class so not to be sniffed at.

Reviews are not so great, mention of lack of hours and disorganization appear to be the general theme but they aren’t overly demanding and technical like English First as one reviewer adds: “it’s a toss-up between unorganized like Fastschool or overly demanding and technical like EF (English First)”.

Note: When submitting your introductory powerpoint presentation, keep it modest.

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