eHailuo/eHello/eHailo review

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eHailuo/eHello/eHailo review

eHailuo/eHello/eHailo review

$10 - $15


ehello reviewReviews are mixed for eHello/eHailuo/eHailo. With them willing to look past certificates and requiring both native and non-native teachers, you’d hope for a little balance in the pay, but as one commenter added who was raised in the UK but born in the Philippines: “The interviewer was offering me 25 RMB per lesson (around $3.82/ £2.88) because I was born in the Philippines.”

Not clear however if this is for a 25 or 50 minute class – either way eHello run a different pay structure when it comes to compensating native and non-native tutors, a business run on racial disparity.

Native-speakers should expect around $13 per 50 min class and slightly less for non-native white Europeans. For example a native Ukrainian lady who was on $10 per class discovered in a comments section that her American counterpart began on $11.

Classes are taught using TRPS – Tri-Rounds-Role-Play-Scenario: The teacher and student engage in role-playing through three rounds to help the them experience real-life situations.

Materials are said to be on the frugal side and you may end up using some of your own time to prepare.

Generally reviews are not great as these center along dispute lines between dollars earned and money received, plus cancellation fees incurred, low bookings and grammatical errors in course material.

Based in Nanjing you will teach weekday 1 to 8pm and 8am to 8pm weekends and you must be available to teach 20 hours a week although there are complaints of the lack of hours offered.


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  1. It’s such a shame. I worked in Ehello for 2 years (or more). A month ago, I told my TA that I want to quit the job. She is ignoring my messages, she didn’t empty my account, and I am not paid, and I don’t believe I will ever get paid. I do not recommend this school to anyone!


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