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Education First review

Education First review

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 Education First reviewIn operation since 1965 and based out of Shanghai, Education First are mostly center/school based but they do hire remote tutors and they are the global umbrella that comprise of 16 different products, of which English Town, English First and English Live all fall under their wing.

You might be ok being within your last year at uni where the pay isn’t great compared to the cost of living in the western world, but every little helps. In fact, there are many complaints listed online so long story short, probably better off if this is your first online teaching adventure. They seem to get through their staff quick.

At Glassdoor EF (English First) get a lot of attention – and some worrying in an unlikely manner: Currently 44 people claim EF “make it very difficult to leave company for another job in China”. Although this would apply to physically placed positions, not to online platforms.

Education First reviews give similar advice. More for the frat boys, not for serious teachers. As is often the case across South East Asia, Vietnam and China in particular, where experience means squat when it comes to promotion and salary where politics trump merit. You’ll find the same across FB groups. Existing teachers with decade plus experience will often be paid lower than a gap year or post grad student with poor appearance and limited life skills.

A whole paradigm shift is required in the hierarchical structure of their management. As one commentator put it: If underlings can’t constantly provide insightful feedback in an open and fluid manner to their superiors without being seen to lose face, development is stunted.

Education First provide their own in-house app.

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