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Dada ABC review


Dada ABC review

$15 - $25


As of Feb 2019 Dada ABC (also potentially linked with First Future) were hiring native speakers with North American accents again.

They teach kids 4 to 16 in one to one classes. Supposedly there are some gremlins with being employed by Dada: no remuneration for compulsory completion of outside feedback forms for “all” your students; the hearts and stars voting system appears slightly rigged; reports of racial discriminatory behavior or put simply you may stand a better chance if you are a white North American or Caucasian.

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Here was a vid by a gent from Kent who took issue – it’s since been retracted; but now, there are a few more disconsolate videos from teachers who comment on the rise of preference for white skin – and not just with Dada ABC, but Magic Ears and Landi also take a hit.

If you get through the hiring round/s(?) they require teachers to work from 3 to 20 hrs a week. Previous teaching experience doesn’t appear mandatory but a plus, where as an ESL certificate and a bachelors degree are a must.

Classes run from 7pm – 8:30pm (Beijing time) Monday to Friday and more on the weekends. DadaABC pay pretty handsomely at around $20 USD per hour but you can earn up to $25 depending on your bonuses or as little as $15 experience permitting.  They do apparently offer a base salary of $370 a month at the start when classes are scarce.

To apply you will need a copy of your passport or other ID, a resume with a photo and contact details and copies of your certifications.

If you’re not of a white skin tone you may be discriminated against. As one commentator remarked: “Chinese companies can be picky”. Read from that what you will.

They do require a passport photo so probably best to shoot this off with an email introduction before preparing to go down the steps of an interview. Save you messing around.





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