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Class100 review

Class100 review

$16 - $23


Class100 reviewThey’ll give you big classes at Class100 – 30 to 40 students, but fear not as you’ll have a TA physically there in the class plus it could also become your full time daytime job as they focus primarily on public Chinese schools – 7.30am to 4.30pm China time.

The usual native English speaking suspects need only apply. There is mention of South Africans being welcome but this doesn’t quite corroborate with their application page – worth a shot mind.

As of late a 6 month contract will have to be signed, but classes might be just 30 mins and with 7 a day with time in between you’re looking at making $6 to $9 a class – $42 to $63 a day.

The way Class100 works is that a tutor registers themselves as open for specific hours/days, and the company can only guarantee work for a proportion of these hours apparently, thus time in between classes wouldn’t be covered.

Payment works as follows: You make yourself available for X amount of hours, Class100 assign you daily times to be available. If however they don’t manage to actually schedule any classes for you during these times, you are guaranteed payment. Finally skewed in favor of the teacher 🙂

As one commenter wrote: “In my case, I am available from BJT- 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, for which they guarantee payment of 7 classes – 3.5h. Yes, there are times between classes that in which I don’t do anything, but I know exactly how much money I’m getting at the end of the month without fault. Plus, I think these breaks are good to breathe some air, prepare the next lesson properly, have a snack, etc.”

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