China Homestay CHS review

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China Homestay CHS review

China Homestay CHS review

$16 - $17


China Homestay reviewChina Homestay operates as both an au pair program in China and an online English teaching school.

They offer both peak and off peak teaching hours and should be able to fill up your schedule reasonably fast, paying between $16 to $17 per hour.

You’ll teach ages 3 to 18, with class sizes up to 20 students and you’ll be live on the big screen with a teaching assistant there in the classroom.

The beauty of teaching off-peak especially living in similar time zone allows you to fill up your mon to fri weekday schedule. Early start though for UK dwellers, but native North American, Australian, Kiwi, Irish and potentially South Africans welcome according to one reviewer.

Skype: scarllet621


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