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Bling ABC review

Bling ABC review

$21 - $27


Bling ABC reviewWith a degree, TEFL and one year experience in tow, Bling ABC pay native teachers fairly generously – $21 to $28.

Professional, organised, solid material, good platform and top-notch standards – these are a few of the high praises Bling ABC has received.

At the other end of the spectrum others have waited for weeks to fill up their schedule whilst having been requested to quit their current employment during the transition.

Waiting for more than a month to build up a beefy weekly timetable as promised 30 or more days earlier can hit you hard.

Classes are often small though and in contrast, if you are in luck with picking up classes quickly, the turnaround time between being notified and beginning the new class can be a day or two.

To explain why being classes are almost immediate for some but drawn out for others could be down to the way they schedule classes by the semester. There are two semesters in China, the first running from the beginning of the lunar new year – Jan/Feb time through to May, then a big long holiday where they commence in August/September and then on through to the Chinese New Year again.

Pay is scaled accordingly: Fewer students equals less dollar – more students consequently more dollar.

However, expect discriminatory behavior if you are not Caucasian or appear with a religious zest. As one reviewer correctly points out: “The world is significantly diverse … more Chinese are coming to Africa to do business, this company should hire more African Americans to help give [their students] cultural awareness, growth and development.”



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