Bibo Global (Engoo/Eikaiwa) review

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Bibo Global (Engoo/Eikaiwa) review

Bibo Global (Engoo/Eikaiwa) review

$2 - $10


Bibo Global reviewBibo Global use both their two sister websites Engoo and Eikaiwa to post their job openings and unfortunately they operate a harshly divisive pay structure.

Just take a look on Glassdoor at their currently 660 reviews (22/09/19) – Non-native speakers receive 1.4 $ per 25 minute class while native speakers $5. The student supposedly pays $23/hr for a native teacher so one would assume Bibo pocket over half.

With massive disparity in the minimum wage across continents combined and daily life uncertainties, it’s not surprising that such a poor paying online English teaching platform is able to still flourish, with a clear exploitation of both university educated native and non-native fluent English speaking people, but predominately Filipino.

Other displeasure’s include a tough application process, poor tutor support, misery charges, hidden rules and to reiterate – an awful rate. If you are from the Philippines, a 50 minute class translates in to $2.33.

With regards to Engoo , it appears they just act as a teacher advertising board for students, and there are a decent chunk of them – see here of which there are some definite grafters (both non-native and native) with 1000+ reviews.

As for not to be confused with Mainichi Eikaiwa, it acts as a recruiting tool.

As one ex-teacher put it: “Working at Engoo/Bibo is a hard pill to swallow but just as they are using us, use them back to your advantage”.


– Lots of students
– Flexible hours


– Horrifyingly low hourly rate
– Strict penalties
– Hefty cancellation charges





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