Berlitz (formerly TeleLangue) review

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Berlitz (formerly TeleLangue) review

Berlitz (formerly TeleLangue) review

$9 - $15


Berlitz (formerly TeleLangue) reviewTeleLangue were a long established online language business who have now been taken over by Berlitz, a vast conglomerate language company with over 550 franchised or owned offices in 70 countries.

In their time TeleLangue paid between $9 to $10 which was never bettered. There were no potential career paths or pay rises and while the former remains the same, the rate at Berlitz has improved.

Commentators spoke fondly of working with TeleLangue for 5 or 10 years but during which they never surpassed the $10 an hour mark. Now the starting hourly rate at Berlitz is either just $9 or $14, with the opportunity to go higher with or without a degree.

If you have a great engine and deliver for them you’ll be able to pack out your schedule. On Glassdoor previous workforce comments suggest it’s a good place to start, pay isn’t great and monthly income can vary from that foreseen.

However many of these reviews concerned actual physical jobs on location and with over 650 plus, so it’s hard  to seek out and gauge feedback solely on the sporadic comments based on virtual work.

You do not need to live in the US but you may have to be from a native English speaking country. It’s not clear. You teach using their Berlitz Virtual Classroom which incorporates a dynamic white screen – the whiteboard, paint tools similar to Microsoft paint, libraries of images, shared browsing and with knowledge of BIT (Berlitz Information – In-house Technology perhaps?) to help capitalize on their new online work environment.

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