Amazingtalker review

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Amazingtalker review

Amazingtalker review

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Amazing Talker reviewA new Taiwanese company, Amazingtalkers’ website is set up as follows as one reviewer explains:

1. Student seeks lesson and you receive a message.
2. Only first 3 tutors are allowed to put themselves forward.
3. You have 1 in 3 chance of then being chosen.

Free time is required as well as a sales pitch of sorts. Not a steady income and to attract more sales you’ll need to undercut the market. Not worth your time if looking for steady full time, decent, serious rate, but might be worth a shot if you’re new to this game and fancy testing the water before applying elsewhere or embarking on a trip abroad say to do it more permanently.

With little feedback it might be worth submitting details before a backlog builds, first through the door so to speak.

They pay monthly via Paypal and Pioneer.

Also, after registering to teach Russian, one teacher stated the first student she landed had 10 prepaid lessons. Most students are Taiwanese and Chinese.

Otherwise very few reviews to go on so far. Rate really depends on what the students are prepared to offer you. Maybe arrangements can be made post initial class/es.


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