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ALO7 review

$15 - $22


First it should be noted that their CEO gets a good mention.  Supportive and caring are attributes that reoccur.

Their feedback across the spectrum is generally very positive with the occasional warranted rant reserved for cancellation penalties.

Giving 15 days notice prior to holidaying and providing proof of emergency should revoke any remuneration fee. (* Update 22/10/19: On further review of reviews one employee mentioned giving 30 days notice – worth clarifying when applying).

The pro’s though with this company do appear to out balance the con’s.

Only those born in the US, Canada, UK and Australia need apply. A degree is required – or, you should be enrolled within a four year college program.

There maybe a little leeway with this, worth exploring – for example you may have dropped out but completed a CELTA and have experience under your belt (as they state this is preferred) .

They require long term stability during their peak hours: 6 – 9pm Beijing time (specific days aren’t listed, mon to fri is probable reference).

You must enjoy working with kids from ages 3 to 15 and be comfortable tutoring through their in-house digital media.

Pay ranges from $15 to $22 with incentives based on attendance and the number of classes completed over certain time period.

You get to create your own schedule and they supply their own lesson plans which are reported to be easy to follow and require little prep.

In the world of online teaching, reviews highlight that ALO7 is somewhat different from the rest, and as reported, crucially – treat you with respect.

Expect to be up and running in two weeks with them.

Note: ALO7 go in and out of hiring so worth checking back on occasion.


ALO7 request form – you can submit a request r.e the recruitment process etc here.


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