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Acadsoc review

Acadsoc review

$2 - $13


Acadsoc reviewAcadsoc is one of the larger recruiters in this field and while Caucasians are welcome, their chosen bread winner are the Filipino community who they pay between $2 to $13 ($13 was quoted on Glassdoor as the highest) per hour.

Better than Bibo and Native Land but skirting below the mimimum wage in most English native speaking countries, Acadsoc is still a blessing to those looking to advance beyond the daily minimum wage which in the Philippines equates to PHP500 approx.

Don’t expect 8 hours a day from the start. It will take a month at least before you establish yourself within their community and among the parents and their kids.

Training will increase exposure so be prepared for EFK, EP and T3 training in the second month. T3 training is handed to you if they think you’ll cut the mustard as a top tutor and with that qualification badge on your profile bookings will increase.

You will get reimbursed for classes cancelled by students apparently but there are also a number of reviewers out there who were not compensated and there are a minor litany of complaints which hold the company to account over missed pay.

For some native speakers while not requiring a degree (a degree is mandatory as stated on their site, however some comments have disputed this) – it has its appeal, although at this rate you will struggle to help cover the bills in a western city. Best to look at the list for those that seek non-degree holding native teachers if you lack one.

Browsing through Glassdoor, the term “penalties” appears in 30 reviews under “cons” thus far so worth being crystal clear on their policies before jumping on board.

If you are a Filipino teacher however, working at Acadsoc can act as a conduit for improving life’s possibilities – some have argued.


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