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51Talk review


51Talk review

$2 - $17


51Talk review

There seems to be a massive disparity between what a native white and Filipino teacher will make per hour based on what 51Talk charge their clients.

A cacophony of mixed messages in comment sections are scattered over review sites. Do Filipino’s earn $2.5 per hour while native whites earn $11 or is $15 or $17 hour the standard rate to all fluent English speakers irrespective of nativeness – it’s still unclear but here is what 51Talk.ph claim on their site:

51talk.com still  redirects to http://adult.51talk.com/. There is also https://www.51talk.ph (51talk.ph asked me to remove their link for reasons unknown 27/07/20) which is geared towards Filipino teachers where it states the more successful ones can earn up to PHP 80,000 a month – That’s a whopping $1500 approx for a Filipino teacher – surely dubious but this is what they claim under their (dot)ph TLD (top level domain).

Note: An overview from eslauthority 

In his review vid Paulo states that at the start it’s 50 PHP per lesson. That’s almost a dollar so here’s hoping a class runs no more than 25 minutes. Therefore say it’s $2 hour, you’d need to accrue 750 hours a month or 187.5 hours a week – of which that’s mathematically flawed. To earn PHP 80’000 a month – something smells off.



If there are two separate rates, then on the upside South Africans will be pleased to know that they can find employment here under a more favorable return, unlike their Filipino compadres.

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