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100talk review


100talk review

$10 - $15


100talk review100 Talk deploy the TPR teaching method – Total Physical Response whereby language or vocabulary concepts are taught using physical movement to react to verbal input. The process is said to mimic the way that infants learn their first language, help reduce pupil inhibitions and lowers stress.

To be fair, TPR isn’t for everyone, it entails adopting the persona of a clown at a kids birthday do: farcical faces, exaggerated gesturing and over the top acting; applying this teaching method to children higher than 7th grade for some can feel a little patronizing.

If you don’t, as one teacher responded – feel comfortable being evaluated on your ability to hold an imbecilic voice while pulling a moronic face, move on.

There is very little info available through English search for 100talk, so going out on a limb to suggest this is the company.

As far as hourly rate and other requirements, please feel free to advise below, unknown sections will be updated when more info is revealed.

However, going by the current crop of teachers profiles listed here – Degrees are not mentioned by all, yet teachers do all appear to reside on North American soil.

To be fair the site is a bit of a mess once Google Translate has re-shelved things and unable to locate a contact address for now. Please advise below if you are in possession of these missing details.


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