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1 to 1 Progress review

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1 to 1 Progress Review

1to1Progress review1 to 1 Progress are not recruiting right now (as of 27/04/21) however worth checking back in a week or two if you fancy working for a French/European company teaching adults.

The pay is roughly above EU minimum wage ($13+), so for those native English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch nationals who hold a certification in CELTA, DELTA, TEFL, TESOL or another recognized diploma, expect to be treated on equal par.

It is not a prerequisite to be bilingual but it may stand you in good stead when it comes to them allocating you classes to beginner level students who will be solely adult when it comes to teaching with 1 to 1 Progress.

No degree is sought but ideally they require teachers with a minimum of one years experience of the business world and  a “mastery of professional vocab”.

If you are spirited and energetic in the field of adult distance learning and prefer teaching English online to adults as opposed to playing the clown to primary aged kids which isn’t for everyone, 1 to 1 Progress might fit the bill.

They provide 30 minute or 1 hour training sessions over the telephone, Skype and/or through video conference platforms, specifically Adobe and Webex.

Apparently teachers must write a language audit at the beginning and end of each training period on their platform which will be outlined in your training along with a detailed lesson report online at the end of each session. (Session presumably referring to a days shift).

You can locate 1 to 1 Progress – also listed as 1 to 1 Consulting – on:





Their French url – 1to1progress.fr

A number of reviews are in French which the Google translate chrome extension can handle better than Thai.

Their social media accounts are fairly active yet in terms of endorsements only a few can be spotted on Glassdoor and Indeed. These include:


  • Decent pay for European clients
  • Time zones make it possible to work normal working hours
  • Friendly staff & clients


  • Students can cancel an hour before class and often do- resulting in no payment for teacher
  • Not enough classes to work full time – currently a cap on hours
  • Required to add availability 2 months in advance yet allowing students to cancel last minute creates a fractious & unpredictable setting, making it difficult to plan part-time work long-term


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  • +33 2 76 51 51 51
  • contact@1to1progress.com

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