Apps A-Z – Teach English Through An App On Your Device

For those wishing to teach solely through an app, below from A to Z are a list of the current English teaching companies that have designed apps that allow you to conduct your classes through just one application on your android or apple device.

Boxfish Education ( ← company link opens in new tab)

$20 – $24 | Degree/NativeA degree appears mandatory at Boxfish Education but experience doesn’t – they state: “We are looking to recruit native English speakers who have grown up in English-speaking countries and have at least a bachelor’s degree or above”. They go on to add “We are especially looking for tutors with American, Canadian, British and Australian accents. Tutors with a TESOL or TEFL certificate and online teaching experience are preferred.” … read more


Cambly ( ← company link opens in new tab)

Cambly review$8 – $10.20 | No-Degree/Non-Native – Cambly is the Daddy of teaching apps, but the pay is crock. Hours are broken down into minute segments so at $0.17 cents per minute, a 45 minute slot will earn you $7.65. Note – Cambly is still an improvement on many of the Filipino platforms like Talk51 that pay their subjects even less. … read more



Dada ABC ( ← company link opens in new tab)

$15 – $25 | Degree/Native – As of Feb 2019 Dada ABC (also potentially linked with First Future) were hiring native speakers with North American accents again. 

They teach kids 4 to 16 in one to one classes. Supposedly there are some gremlins with being employed by Dada: no remuneration for compulsory completion of outside feedback forms for “all” your students; the hearts and stars voting system appears slightly rigged; reports of racial discriminatory behavior or put simply you may stand a better chance if you are a white North American or Caucasian. … read more


Facetalk ( ← company link opens in new tab)

$3 – $10 | No-Degree/Non-Native – If Facetalk resurrects then this review will be updated, but for now, Facetalk – an app available on apple and android is sadly no longer.

You were required to send in a 40 – 50 second self introductory vid plus some text containing 100 words that introduced your teaching style along with appropriate keyword tags. … read more


LingoFor.Me ( ← company link opens in new tab)

$0 – $0 | No-Degree/Non-Native Lingo For Me provide classes to individuals/groups and companies so there’s the possibility of some businesses classes if that tickles your fancy – rate currently unknown.

Languages currently available to teach on offer are Spanish, English and Portuguese. If you go to their FB page and contact them via messenger, they do reply or you can email them at regarding online language tutoring. … read more


Live Lingua ( ← company link opens in new tab)

$5 – $10 | Degree/Native – What began as a mom and pop style English learning platform, Live Lingua has now featured in Forbes and other reputable mags – as they list on their homepage. They employ around 20 teachers where one review stated they are required to be bilingual but this appears inaccurate, and what second language is required isn’t specified so just a degree, being native and 2 years experience is a plus. … read more


Meisi Consulting & Spicus ( ← company link opens in new tab)

$10 – $12 | Degree/Non-Native –Meisi Consulting and Spicus have offices in the USA, CA, South Korea and the Philippines. There is (not found), (tad difficult to decipher) and is the S. Korean company with an English Teaching app (android + apple), that purportedly pay $2 for 10 minute app sessions. … read more


QuQuABC ( ← company link opens in new tab)

$17 – $23 | No-Degree/Non-Native – Teachers who talk naturally at an idiomatic level are what QuQuABC require so while no degree is sought, someone well versed in using idioms in everyday sentences is key.

Do you cut the mustard, are you up to the task, can you pass muster!

Pay on Glassdoor suggests not as high as $23 hr but $14 which if non-native teachers with a neutral accent can earn this should be music to the ears of many nationals from developing countries. … read more


Sayabc ( ← company link opens in new tab)

$15 – $22 | Degree/Native – Sayabc are a branch of VIPKid. I would urge you to read this users review should you wish to go ahead and apply. One might argue it’s better than any third person review.

The base rate is 15 USD per 40-minute class ($22 for subbing) which isn’t bad but should you full just a fraction short of the 40 minute mark, then perhaps you might not see what’s due. …read more


VIPkid ( ← company link opens in new tab)

$15 – $22 | Degree/Native – VIPkid picks up a lot of attention, which is mainly due in part to their handsome hourly rate and the amount of hours available, but also their offer of a decent referral commission if applicants can navigate their way through the “grueling” application requirements.

They are also one of the industries main players providing work to more than 80’000 native North American degree holding speakers – although, it may be worth giving them a try if you are from another native English speaking country as it appears through commentators that they may be branching out into more neutral accents. …read more


Zebra English ( ← company link opens in new tab)

$16 – $24 | Degree/Native – Zebra English are presently active (as of 13/10/20) on their Facebook page while their last job post appeared there on Feb 20th 2019.

Zebra English claim they have over 450’000 students using their self-developed AI based English Learning App which assists in teaching phonics, grammar, vocab and sentence structures. App is available for download on Mac or Windows but not android – they don’t want lessons conducted on tablet or smartphone. …read more


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